Our goal for the PLI is to have the app and desktop Itinerary planner published approximately four (4) weeks prior to the meeting. The benefit of the earlier publication is to allow attendees plenty of time in advance of the meeting to plan their schedule online using the itinerary planner. The desktop planner will also include links to download the app to the attendees mobile device(s) and to sync their schedules for the meeting. This should substantially increase the usage level and usage duration of the app and Desktop Itinerary Planner and build more buzz about the meeting well in advance of the actual dates. Users will be able to access the Networking and Activity Feed capabilities of the app.and begin sending texts and creating posts much earlier. From an advertising standpoint, the increased duration of the use of the app and the new availability of larger web-sized ads on the Desktop Itinerary Planner should provide additional incentives to advertise.