Attendee Registration Starts (rolling)

This is the rolling process that uses the push api set up between Convergence and CompuSystem to receive real-time updates that continuously populate the app with the registered attendees and record any changes to those records. Each registrant will use their registration ID to login to the app, providing NAEYC staff through the Admin Dashboard with real-time information on attendee app usage.

Hotel and Convention Center Images and Floor Plans

All hotel and convention center images and floor plans to be used in the app should be provided to Convergence. We will need the highest resolution images available (general those with the largest dimensions). SVG (vector), PNG or JPG formats.

Creatives and Badge Sample

All graphics and artwork utilized for the meeting should be completed and provided to Convergence for incorporation into the mobile app and website design. Convergence will also need a badge sample for use on the login screen of the app.

Preliminary Program

The preliminary program for the meeting will be completed.

App Splash Screen and Icon (logo)

Artwork/images to be used for the mobile app splash screen and icon/logo should be provided. The image for the splash screen should be 2732 x 2732 and the image for the meeting icon/logo should be 1024 x 1024. Both MUST be in .png format. Working from these images, Convergence will produce 35 different variations of sizes and resolutions suitable for all mobile devices and the desktop planner.

Exhibit Hall Mapping

A floor plan of the exhibit hall and assigned booth locations should be provided for the exhibitor section of the app, This was previously provided via ExpoCad. Convergence will use the map and booth assignments to set up animated mapping in the app for each sponsored booth.

Sponsor Logos

High resolution sponsor logos (600w x 600h px in .png format) for all known sponsors as of this date should be uploaded to the admin dashboard (jpg images are acceptable but .png format is preferred). Images larger than 600x600 are also acceptable if the 1x1 (square) dimensions are maintained. If images are not currently available, requests should be immediately made to the sponsoring company.

App Design Concept

Convergence will provide NAEYC staff with a design “mock-up” for the meeting app and request input.

App Testing

Convergence will provide NAEYC staff with a beta version of the app and Desktop Itinerary Planner for testing.

Exhibitor List

A list of all known exhibitors with contact information should be uploaded to the admin dashboard. The data fields needed for the app are:

Company name

Company description

Company website link

Email address

Phone number

Social media links

Sponsorship level (if applicable)

Company logo (if sponsoring)

Session Scheduling Completed

The session scheduling for the meeting should be substantially completed. All available records should be proofed for typos, misspellings, bad data symbols. Any conflicts in the use of first and third person pronouns for biographical narratives should be revised (bios should all be written in third person — she/he, her/his, rather than first person — I, me, my, mine). All session records uploaded to the admin dashboard.



Advertising (rolling)

Convergence is able to provide ad placement throughout both the mobile app and on the website hosting the Desktop Itinerary Planner. We can place virtually any type of add you would like anywhere within the app and Desktop IT, and we will make recommendations on the most popular and preferred placement for both mobile and web ads. See specifications below.


App and App Desktop Agenda Planner Published

Our goal for the PLI is to have the app and desktop Itinerary planner published approximately six (6) weeks prior to the meeting. The benefit of the earlier publication is to allow attendees plenty of time in advance of the meeting to plan their schedule online using the itinerary planner. The desktop planner will also include links to download the app to the attendees mobile device(s) and to sync their schedules for the meeting. This should substantially increase the usage level and usage duration of the app and Desktop Itinerary Planner and build more buzz about the meeting well in advance of the actual dates. Users will be able to access the Networking and Activity Feed capabilities of the app.and begin sending texts and creating posts much earlier. From an advertising standpoint, the increased duration of the use of the app and the new availability of larger web-sized ads on the Desktop Itinerary Planner should provide additional incentives to advertise.

Final Registration

On-line registration closes but on-site registration is still available.

NAEYC Annual Conference 2019 -- Nashville

Conference underway with active sessions taking place from November 20-23, 2019.